CPANPLUS::Backend and Inline::Java

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I am trying to script a set of module installations via

So far I've git it all working bar one - Inline::Java.

This module requires you to
    perl Makefile.PL J2SDK=/path/to/your/j2sdk/installation
    make java
    make install

I can get it to add the J2SDK flag via makemakerflags, but can't
get it to make java before doing make.

I have tried:
 my $rv = $cb->install( modules

It fails because "make java" hasn't been done, it goes straight
to make and can't continue because things "make java" should have
done are not done. (error: make: *** No rule to make target
`Java/InlineJavaServer.jar', needed by `pm_to_blib'.  Stop.)

I have tried it via 3 steps, fetch, extract, then make.  but the make
my $rv = $cb->make(

fails in the same way, "make java" is not being done.

If I try target java, instead of prereq_target, with the idea of doing
two make steps, it complains that "Key 'target' is of invalid type for
CPANPLUS::Internals::Make::_make" I presume because it is not one of

 Is there a way to script the installation of this module?

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RE: CPANPLUS::Backend and Inline::Java

Well, the problem popped out for me after all these years. Though I might share what might be the solution anyhow...

I got this problem while having options for parallel building in (eg 'make_arg' => "-j3"). -j1 solved the problem. There must be some dependency lacking in the generated Makefile.



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