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How does the versioning on CPAN work? I have a script for updating every night,
but it's annoying, that some modules install every day.
Math::BigRat ( )

The file is Math-BigRat-0.2602.tar.gz, the installed Version is:
  but CPAN/CPANPLUS and the CPANPLUS::Backend shows as latest version
Where does it come from?
The same with  Term::Cap.

Re: CPAN Versioning

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I'm not at all sure that's a good idea, at least not on a production

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Math::BigRat 0.2603 is part of perl 5.16.3. Math::BigRat is a dual-life
module, that is, it is also supplied with the perl core. In the perl
core distribution, Math-BigRat is under dist/, which means this is a
'core-leads' module: that is, updates will go into the core version
before they are released separately on CPAN. It's not uncommon for
modules like that to be a minor version ahead in the core; usually it's
because someone's had to patch it to compensate for a core change, and
the maintainer hasn't rolled a new CPAN release yet.

cpanm (App::cpanminus) gets this right.

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I'm not sure what's happened with Term::Cap: it's in cpan/ in the core,
so it should be CPAN-leads, but the core is at version 1.13 while the
latest CPAN version is 1.12. Probably whoever patched it to 1.13 didn't
realise they should have sent the changes to the maintainer first to
push to CPAN; you could try reporting a core bug.


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