cpan shell and problem

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I would like to install CPAN modules with the cpan command. Since I
don't have
write permission to the Perl installation directories, I need to do a
local installation.

After playing around with the cpan command a bit and looking at the
source code of
CPAN::Config, I created a $HOME/.cpan/CPAN/ with the
following content:


This works fine for download and test, but install still tries to
write the modules into
the Perl installation directory. In addition, I get during install the
error message

  sh: /Perl/cpan-autoconfig: not found

What is broken here?


Re: cpan shell and problem

In article

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For using the cpan command, configure your with the right
values in:

make_arg             arguments that should always be passed to 'make'
                     the make command for running 'make install', for
                     example 'sudo make'

make_install_arg     same as make_arg for 'make install'
makepl_arg              arguments passed to 'perl Makefile.PL'
mbuild_arg              arguments passed to './Build'
mbuild_install_arg   arguments passed to './Build install'
                     command to use instead of './Build' when we are
                     in the install stage, for example 'sudo ./Build'

mbuildpl_arg       arguments passed to 'perl Build.PL'

For instance, you might set makepl_arg to "PREFIX=~/lib" to install
things in the lib directory inside your home directory.

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The CPAN::FirstTime module can help you make a configuration file. My
first guess would be that making by hand meant you left out something.

Good luck :)

Re: cpan shell and problem

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Thanks a lot. So I started again the cpan shell, did

  o config init

to run again FirstTime, set the PREFIX variable and now everything
as expected!


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