Core dump while calling external commands using system()

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I have a perl script using system() to call external Shell and Perl

The Scripts runs good most of the times and created core dump with
return code of "returned 0x8b: caught signal 11 with coredump"

It is difficult to re-create the core; so I am running a never ending
loop to get the failues. The last core dump I got was only after 1200
successful runs.

I am using listed perl and associated modules:
Perl :5.6.1
DBI  :1.43
DBD  :1:15
OS   : Solaris 2.8, (108528-23)

Action Taken : I have installed a new version of perl (5.8.5) with DBI
and DBD still have same issues.
Evry time I run gdb the last few lines are :
Loaded symbols for /lib/
Reading symbols from /lib/
Loaded symbols for /lib/
#0  0xfefaa064 in _disp () from /lib/

$ mdb
Loading modules: [ ]
> $r
%g0 = 0x00000000                 %l0 = 0xfefd7844`_dqactmap
%g1 = 0x00000020                 %l1 = 0x0000000c
%g2 = 0x00000000                 %l2 = 0xfefd7850`_dqactmap+0xc
%g3 = 0x00000000                 %l3 = 0x00000003
%g4 = 0x00000000                 %l4 = 0x0000001f
%g5 = 0x00000000                 %l5 = 0x00000000
%g6 = 0x00000000                 %l6 = 0x00000000
%g7 = 0xfef75d98                 %l7 = 0xfefccd38`_nrunnable

%o0 = 0x00000020                 %i0 = 0x00000000
%o1 = 0x00000000                 %i1 = 0xfefccd3c`_maxpriq
%o2 = 0x00000000                 %i2 = 0xfefcc000
%o3 = 0x000003f8                 %i3 = 0xfefd8d04`_dispq
%o4 = 0x00008000                 %i4 = 0x00000060
%o5 = 0x0000007f                 %i5 = 0x00000000
%o6 = 0xfef75b48                 %i6 = 0xfef75ba8
%o7 = 0xfefd90fc`_dispq+0x3f8 %i7 = 0xfefa8b8c`_qswtch+0x5c

 %psr = 0xfe000000 impl=0xf ver=0xe icc=nzvc
                   ec=0 ef=0 pil=0 s=0 ps=0 et=0 cwp=0x0
   %y = 0xff3e91f0
  %pc = 0xfefaa064`_disp+0x88
 %npc = 0xfefaa068`_disp+0x8c
  %sp = 0xfef75b48
  %fp = 0xfef75ba8

 %wim = 0x00000000
 %tbr = 0x00000000

Any help will be of great help.


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