Copy with relative paths? / Glob w/UNC?

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Hi All...

    I'd like to have the target of this copy be a folder underneath
where the perl script is executed from without using the full D:\
Absolute path.... :  (That way the script is a little more portable)..
(this is running on Windows PERL 5.10.)

D:\Script>mkdir CopyOfData
#perl -w
use strict;
use File::Path;
use File::Copy;

chdir "\\myserver\myshare";
for my $file (<*>) {
$file =~ m/^(.*)_.*$/;
copy($file, "d:\Script\CopyOfData\$1") or die "File cannot be
#-------------- Done

This works fine as above.. but to me it's a poor "workaround" because
from what I can tell I can't put the UNC path in either the copy
source or the glob angle brackets..  I need to use CHDIR first.  (And
because I changed directories now I need to use the absolute path to
the target instead of just my "CopyOfData" folder.

 I'm pretty sure I can get it to work if I use CWD and save the
current directory before I change to the server source share (Just as
ugly I believe)  However, I want to ask the group before I go this
route if there's a better way.

Thanks in advance.  Let me know if I didn't include enough info also,
Thanks a lot.

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