ConTEXT editor and Perl

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Has anyone used ConTEXT ( /) when working
on perl code? I am currently using it with my actionscript code and am
about 95% happy* and am considering using it for the perl code too.
Currently I use good old for large programs or notepad to
make a few minor changes.

Bill H

* 5% unhappy because it has a few bugs on auto-indenting and
occasionally the focus gets stuck in the project panel and I have to
close and restart it.

Re: ConTEXT editor and Perl

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 14:56:38 -0700, Bill H wrote:

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Until a couple of years a go it was my editor of choice on windows
boxen.  I only stopped using it because I'm Linux based these days.

My only minor gripe with it was that the syntax highlighting would get
its knickers in a twist with some PHP/HTML code though the Perl parsing
seemed to be fine.

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Re: ConTEXT editor and Perl

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Given your experience, I would submit to you that you are not in a
position to evaluate the quality of said editor.

Try some other editors first. Then, re-evaluate your experience with
ConTEXT. That is going to be better than asking for others' opinions of
editors (only marginally relevant IMHO).

The choice of an editor for programming is a very personal matter. You
need to use a few to decide which one *you* should use.


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