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  Is that a way programatically compose a outlook mail with voting
button,"Yes;No" using perl?

  I know the way to send SMTP mail, but I am not very sure how to do
the above task.

Any comments are welcome,


Re: Compose a outlook mail with voting button wrote:
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What you want to do isn't very clear.  Do you want to click on a
button and have an email composed and sent, or do you want to
send an email that contains buttons the recipient can click on
and somehow have which button was clicked sent back to you?
Assuming the latter, there might possibly be something in Outlook
that would permit that (I know very little about Outlook, so that
is just speculation -- ask in an Outlook newsgroup if you want
expertise on Outlook), but you would be shutting out the entire
rest of the world that doesn't use Outlook, like me.  The best
thing would be to include web page addresses in your email.
Those addressess could be to a CGI program that emails the
response back to you when the link is clicked, or otherwise
tallies the responses.  You would want to stick to text links, as
many folks (like me) will never see an email that contains HTML
(just autodeleting email based on that criterion gets rid of 100%
of the porn, 90% of the other spam and none of the non-spam that
I care to see).  That would have the advantage of working in any
email client, even Outlook.  Most email clients these days
automatically make links out of things that look like http://...
, so it would be easy for the recipient.

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Bob Walton

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