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Re: comma puzzle


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OP here: you are right.

My code was
   my $i;
   for ( $i=0 , $i<10 , $i++ ) { print $i; }
but I originally gave it, incorrectly, as
   for ( my $i=0 , $i<10 , $i++ ) { print $i; }
not realising, at the time, that it made a difference.

Thanks to you all, I have learned things from this thread.

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I don't think that the USA or TV should be blamed.  Film and radio,
possibly.  At school in England, before TVs were commonplace, "would of"
was frequently corrected by our English teachers.

Nick Wedd

Re: comma puzzle

[about sloppy English]
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Unfortunately (or depending on your view maybe fortunately) that doesn't
apply to the vast majority of inhabitants of the third planet of the
solar system. To a non-native speaker those slips in spelling are
confusing, in particular when they are repetitive. As long as they are
random they can be attributed to typos and people will do a best guess
as to what may have been meant. But I did find myself sometimes
searching for translations in dictioniaries on- and offline only to
realize much later that that person simply invented their own spelling
for some common expression.

I think it's also a change in culture. While in the past people tried to
appear as educated as possible (and correct use of language is a large
part of that) nowadays sub-culture is popular and people pride
themselves in being uneducated.

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Maybe. But what you wrote didn't make sense as written. IMNSHO it is
simply inconsiderate and rude to deliberately use "cute" or "in" or
"cool" spellings.


Re: comma puzzle

Jürgen Exner wrote:
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I admit I am not perfect, but I do try to proof read my posts before
hitting Send, but I think it is a little bit much to expect everyone to
be absolutely perfect each time. Everyone makes errors sometimes.
Granted, it's a little embarrassing to make the same mistake multiple
times in a row, but when something gets subconsciously embedded into
your mind (such a long weekend which involved several juvenile films),
that can happen, even when that person wouldn't normally make that
mistake - in my case "would|could|should of" is not a way I typically
write that sort of sequence.

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I wasn't in any way attempting to be rude. Lets be real here; it was a
typo. Even non-native English speakers would have little trouble knowing
what was meant, especially since many non-native speakers, at least in
this part of the USA, tend to pick up bad habits like this from the get
go, but I do admit it may have some dependence on the locale, but
various media outlets also do little help those wanting to learn proper


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