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I obtained checklink v4.4 from:

Using ActiveState Perl 5.8.4 build 810 on Windows 2000 SP4, I ran
the script.  (I first had to remove the T option from the first
line of the checklink script to get it to run in this
environment, otherwise it reports 'Too late for "-T" option at
checklink line 1.'  Then I had to download some module (I forget
which one) via ppm before it would run.)

I am running it to check a local file, via:

  perl checklink -v mydoc.html

Some links produce perl warnings.  Here's a portion showing the
problem (command screen capture):

Checking link http://ecr_server/ecr2106_general_details
HEAD http://ecr_server/ecr2106_general_details Argument "25Content-Type:
ml" isn't numeric in numeric lt (<) at
C:/Perl/site/lib/Net/HTTP/ line
Argument "25Content-Type: text/html" isn't numeric in subtraction (-) at
/site/lib/Net/HTTP/ line 485.
 fetched in 1.2s
        Return code: 200

The script seems to work, it reported some problems that I have
now fixed, it now completes with no problems reported in the
checked document.  There are no other perl warnings.

What might be causing these warnings?

Re: checklink - perl warnings

qwelk179 schrieb:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This looks like the server (ecr_server) produces an invalid
response, i.e. missing newline after the Content_Length


Re: checklink - perl warnings

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you very much.  I contacted the owner of the server, hopefully they
will get it fixed.

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