change directory in perl

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 I have a perl script which is used to change to new_directory.  I
used "chdir".  It seems working and I also work to have the directory
changed to new_directory when exit this perl script.  How do I do this
in perl.

  $new_dir = "/home/otherDir";
  chdir ("$new_dir");

Re: change directory in perl

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This is a FAQ.

perldoc -q directory:

       I {changed directory, modified my environment} in a perl script.
       How come the change disappeared when I exited the script?  How do I
       get my changes to be visible?

           In the strictest sense, it can't be done--the script executes as
           a different process from the shell it was started from.  Changes
           to a process are not reflected in its parent--only  in any
           children created after the change.  There is shell magic that
           may allow you to fake it by eval()ing the script's output in
           your shell; check out the comp.unix.questions FAQ for details.


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Re: change directory in perl

On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:15:25 -0700, bebe wrote:

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perldoc -q changed directory


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