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Re: Benefits for professional Perl programmers


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Mailing list?

Dave Saville

Re: Benefits for professional Perl programmers

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For once the OP might be correct.  If it's a significant amount of data,
sharing via mailing list would be unpleasant.


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Re: Benefits for professional Perl programmers

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Looks very much like the output of some program generator or the
intermediate code of some compiler to me.
Are you saying someone actually wrote this manually line by line? Say it
ain't so.....


Re: Benefits for professional Perl programmers

Two topics are being discussed in this post.

1.  The WWWBoard program modification effort

2.  A proposed Internet computer based disaster mitigation program


       The more advanced version of the WWWBoard bulletin board program is
running fairly well now on my PC using the Xampp program.  And a significant
modifications effort is in progress.

       I would be surprised if anyone else were interested in that program.
But if someone else is interested then they can try contacting me about the
modifications being made to the program.

       There are quite a few minor modifications being made such as having
the program show posting times using UTC instead of local time.  But there
are two significant modifications that have been made.

A.  A password feature has been added.  And other security features have
been or are being added.  However, these are not modifications to the
original program   Instead they are built into other independent programs
that link with the main WWWBoard program.

B.  The original program is structured so that a number of internal
addresses have to be set before the program is uploaded to the Internet
Server computer.  They tell it where to find the message directory and
various files etc.  That structure is now somewhat different.

       If Xampp is used to make changes to the program then those addresses
have to be set differently and changed before the program is uploaded to the
Internet Server.  The way that I  now have the program structured, those
addresses are set in a separate, small program that then calls the main
program.  Separate versions of that small program can be stored on the
Internet Server computer and the PC.  That then makes it possible to make
modifications to the main program and copy the program intact to the
Internet Server.  No addresses have to be reset.


       Most of my free time is spent on efforts aimed at disaster
mitigation, improving health conditions for people around the world, and
getting world economies to work better.  In connection with one of those
efforts, back in 2012 I sent a report to U.S. government officials
recommending that the U.S. and other governments and NGOs such as the United
Nations develop an Internet based disaster avoidance and response computer
program that could in a few seconds generate detailed plans for what various
organizations and civil defense workers needed to do in order to respond to
major disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, and aircraft crashes.

       Such a program could provide even small communities with the types of
sophisticated disaster response resources that can presently be found only
in our largest cities.  The far more rapid and coordinated responses to
various disasters would undoubtedly result in many lives being saved.  And
since the program would largely involve the efforts of CGI computer
programmers it would likely provide employment opportunities for quite a few
professional programmers around the world.

       So far, U.S. officials have not made any effort to develop the
program as far as I can tell.  But as other efforts such as this bulletin
board effort get moving along I am planning to contact U.S. officials again
about that proposed disaster mitigation program and probably meet with a few
of them and discuss the subject.

       Part of that planned effort would involve posting notes to various
computer programming Newsgroups letting people know about the effort.  I can't
say when that will happen.  But is on my planning board.

       If anyone would like some information regarding that proposed
Internet based disaster mitigation program they can try contacting me.
There is a report available that discusses how the program would work.

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