CGI::Carp fatalsToBrowser alternative

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I'd like a kinder, gentler version of the die implemented by CGI::Carp  
qw(fatalsToBrowser), for calling explicitly when I detect invalid user  
input of some sort.  I can use the existing features of CGI::Carp to  
change the footer for the message displayed, but can't seem to change  
the header of "Software error:" to be something more like "Invalid user  
input, please fix and try again:"

I'd like to keep the other features of CGI::Carp's die if I can, like  
teeing to stderr with a timestamp, printing a header if necessary,  
protecting special characters in the message, and the things that I  
don't understand which seem to be designed to work with MOD_PERL.

Is the best bet just to copy fatalsToBrowser and make some changes to  
the copy?


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