capture backspace in perl script

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I'm writing a perl program, where i need to accept the
input from the user, i also want to accept the backspace
and delete chars and take action appropriately. here's  
the program i already tried, but i still couldn't capture
the del and backspace keys. please share your ideas.

sub is_backsapce()
    if (($key =~ ['\b']) || ($key == 8)) {
        print "Entered backspace\n";
        return 1;
    else {
        print "Entered non-backspace char\n";
        return 0;

Re: capture backspace in perl script wrote:
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How does the user enter the text? Are you really writing a raw input
device driver?
Virtually all methods I am familiar with will interpret backspace and
delete themself and therefore those 2 characters will never appear in
any text that is sent to whatever application processes the text in the
first place.

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Are you sure this is a good name?


Re: capture backspace in perl script writes:
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If you're on UNIX(*) or anything like that, 'a terminal' (whatever that
specifically mean) will usually operate in so-called 'canoncial mode'
where certain 'special keys' (like backspace in usual configuration) are
interpreted by the kernel terminal driver in order to enable some sort
of line editing. A program which wants to receive them itself needs to
change the terminal mode in a suitable way.

Re: capture backspace in perl script

On 8/11/2014 08:20, wrote:
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sub is_backspace { my $ch = shift; return 1 if ord $ch == 8; return 0; }

I don't know how to get Del to work (I'm on Doze) - nothing is returned
from the read character/getc from the editing keys.

Ctrl-U (21) should cause to to delete your accumulated text and BS would
just chop the last char.

If the editing keys worked, you could keep a ptr into your accumulated
text string and have the edit keys (Home/End/Delete/LArrow/RArrow
move the ptr around in the string for edinting purposes.  Insert would
toggle the edit mode (overwrite/insert).

We have to use Term::Readkey/Readline on Doze - you could check them
out and see if they're any help on whatever you're on.

Doze example:

use Term::ReadKey;    END { ReadMode ('restore'); }    # just in case we bomb

binmode STDIN;        # handle CR->LF action
ReadMode ('raw');    # put term in raw mode

my $str = '';
while (my $ch = ReadKey ()) {
    last if $ch eq 'q' or $ch eq 'Q';    # use q to stop input
    if (ord $ch == 8) { print "Got BS\n"; chop $str; next; }    # BS
    if (ord $ch == 21) { print "Got ^U\n"; $str = ''; next; }    # ^U
    if (ord $ch == 13) { print "Got CR\n"; $str .= "\n"; next; }    # CR->LF
    $str .= $ch;
#    printf "\nch='%s' (0x%X %u)\n", $ch, ord $ch, ord $ch;
ReadMode ('restore');

# print edited string out in hex first
printf "\n%02X", ord $_ foreach split //, $str; printf "\n";
printf "\nstr='$str'\n\n";


Re: capture backspace in perl script

Le 11/08/2014 17:20, a écrit :
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If you are using Windows, you can use Win32Readch, function  
readch_block() like so:

use strict;
use warnings;

use Win32::Readch qw(readch_block);

print "Press a single keystroke:\n";
my $ch = readch_block;

if (ord($ch) == 8) {
     print "Backspace\n";
else {
     print "Character '".ord($ch)."' has been pressed\n\n";

-- Klaus

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