Can I write CPAN Modules for a living?

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I'm pretty desperate for a job, won't program for food yet, but close.
My resume is loaded with C/C++, MFC, STL, ADO, etc..
Not getting hits at all. Perl is just barely on my resume, haven't put on
it that I'm an expert in waiting, specially Regular Expressions. So nobody
know's to hire me, if they hire RX experts, I don't know.

I could learn anything an eployer needs, that I don't know in about 26 minutes,
thats the way it is u know. When you know HOW to find things out quickly and the
absorption is instantaneous, because it fits in your broad substructure
framework of

So, I ask this humble question: Can I make money writing CPAN Modules?
If not, what good are CPAN Modules for anybody at all?

I know for sure I can be a bitch CPAM Module writer...


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