calling graph for a Perl module

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I am looking to present some code to a group of people and someone in
the group suggested that I show them a "calling graph" of the code.
This code is just a single module consisting of one .pm file.
Now, I figured I could just sketch out something in Visio
quickly enough. However, a Google search reveals some tools for automating
this sort of thing and creating the graph for me automatically.
The problem is that none of these seem to be able to restrict the
calling graph to just the functions within the namespace of the module.
All the functions located in the modules use()d by this one are included
and it the resulting graphic is just a giant mess.
Specifically I am thinking of the calling graph generated by NYTProf
or by Autodia. So, back to hand creating something in Visio...unless
someone here has a suggestion? Does anyone have a favorite way of
generating a calling graph or UML-ish diagram of a perl module
that restricts itself to just the function defined within that module?
Perhaps that is already possible with a tool that I tried but I somehow
missed how to do it?
Any advice?

Re: calling graph for a Perl module wrote:
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I will leave the perl parsing issue to others,
but for a graph, I would heartily recommend
GraphViz /


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