But this is NOT my opinion on that!

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I'm in the process of setting up OTRS for my employer (presumably,
that should crumble to dust because "Nobody uses CGI.pm !!1) and just
got bitten by the following two lines of code (from Defaults.pm):

print STDERR "ERROR: Can't read $Self->/RELEASE: $! This file is needed by central system parts of OTRS, the system will not work without this file.\n";

This is an incredibly helpful way to report errors because the message
which will land in the Apache error log is

-e: Died at /usr/local/otrs//Kernel/Config/Defaults.pm line 2188.\n

Stuff like this may be a good way to sell 'professional help'
but it should IMNSHO be avoided in code supposed to be used by anyone
except the guy who committed the offence.

Re: But this is NOT my opinion on that!

Στις 2/8/2013 23:55, ο/η Rainer Weikusat έγραψε:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Some weeks before I wrote for a customer a bridging software between  
some linux clusters and his windows java custom application all in  
CGI.pm sending XML messages over https using Apache. There were custom  
and Apache logs. Customer and his developers really love it.
GI::Carp was very helpful. I barely mention the word Perl.

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