Bug found in Open Perl IDE perl5db.pl module

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Hello all.

I'm using this IDE since months, and have to say this is a good IDE,
light, simple, easy to use, but not bug-free ;-)

I found a subtle bug in perl5db.pl module (that is shipped with the
IDE for Windows available from SurceForge);

Trying this piece of script:

my $code = sub { print "hello\n" } ;
print "Let's call $code\n";
print "Done.\n";

During a normal debug session, moving the mouse over the variable
$code (that is a code-reference i.e. ref($code) returns CODE), the IDE
replies with an<undef>=94 which is not true. The same thing happens
listing $code in thevariable=94 watch-window.

I tried to fix it and patched the perl5db.pl module to handle this
case, so the IDE replies something like
=93$code: code = 0x1a81c40=94.

Since the module source is more than 700 lines long, I think useful
giving here the four chunks I added: I simply added another "elsif"
case just before the ending "else", so you should be able to insert
these few lines directly in your dbTemplate.txt in the correct

#within SizeOfDerefValue sub:
  } elsif ($refType eq 'CODE') {
    return length($reference);

#within ShortEval sub:
  } elsif ($refType eq 'CODE') {
    $reference =~ /\((.*)\)/;
    return "code = $1";

#within LongEval sub:
  } elsif ($refType eq 'CODE') {
      $reference =~ /\((.*)\)/;
      $retValue = "code = $1";

#within ShowDerefValues sub:
  } elsif ($refType eq 'CODE') {
    $type = "code";
    $reference =~ /\((.*)\)/;
    $value = "$1";

I hope this helps.


Re: Bug found in Open Perl IDE perl5db.pl module

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You might want to post this on Sourceforge if that's where the project
is located.


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