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Dear Colleagues
As you know our group have developed number of webservers over the
years. I got lot of request related to i) availability  of source
code; ii) perl scripts used to build software; iii) standalone
version of methods.  In order to help our bioinformatics users
particularly young developers who wish to develop bioinformatics
programs; first time we are releasing source code (written in PERL)
for public. I hope these perl scripts will be useful for
bioinformatics community.

Codes are available from / /

This is just starting, we will release all software to public in next
one year. I will appreciate you comment/suggestion/feedback on this
package GPSR.


# Dr G P S Raghava, Scientist and Head Bioinformatics Centre       #
# Institute of Microbial Technology, Sector-39A, Chandigarh, India  #
# Phone: +91-172-2690557, Fax: +91-172-2690632
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Re: Bioinformatics Suite

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Sure, my comment is your a pig researcher sucking down grants and getting
everybody to earn it for free.


Re: Bioinformatics Suite

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But ya know. I hate to tell ya, but, you can write all the diffy-q, derivations,
analytical hocus-pocus you want, %99 of which are flawed. Oh, but why is it
Because, in my life, I have never seen such a generation to generation to
of the most grant driven PhD Physicist in all history I've studied in the last
years, except Einstein. Statistically, humans would have another Einstein or 2
him given the exponential birth rate and technology.

But no. I'm thinking a PhD is as about as easy to get nowadays as a Mac

Gigantic data gathering will not reveal anything without inspiration. Didn't they
ever tell you that?

Don't make me laugh!


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