Benchmark module with some more statistics

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In some cases just getting the average runtime from a benchmark isn't
really informative. Unfortunately this is all that we get from

I have created a module giving a bit more information, currently
available on github:

Basically it just runs some code a couple of times and feeds the data to
Shlomi Fish's Statistics::Descriptive with the posibility of printing
some basic statistics. The API should be "not quite unlike"
but the output quite different.

Would this be of general interest (i.e. should I enhance it and push it
to CPAN?)

I'm no statistics expert so I'm also a bit worried I'm sticking my hand
in a hornets nest requiring me to defending soem shoole of creating

I think it is to orthogonal from the data repported by to
be included in there?

And finally, it's almost all too simple. But having something simple on
CPAN might provoke someone knowledge into making something more usefull?


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