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I was wondering if there a tool that could examine a 50 page CGI
program(that creates html and mysql queries)  that I have been given
and create a flow chart or similar from the code?
There are very few comments so just extracting the comments wont help.



Re: auto documentor perl

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Not exactly what you want, but, there is B::Xref (at least on newer
versions of perl) It's not really a program flow so much as a dump
of the symbol table.

Also, Devel::DProf (again, won't give you program flow but it will tell
you how the program is spending it's time)

So far, the best tool I've found for this is ... 'grep' and 'print'.

I do wish perl and doxygen would get together some how though, so you
could use one tool for multiple languages. Seems like most projects
consist of a wide range of languages and it'd be nice to have a single
tool for all of them.

Course, having ranted that.. I can't see how the two could meet.

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Re: auto documentor perl

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:49:42 GMT, (Jamie) wrote:

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->(map substr
256),7,249);s/[^\w,]/ /g;$ \=/^J/?$/:"\r";print,redo}#JAPH,

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