auto directorie ?

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Could anyone tell me where I might find some info on the purpose of the
auto directories

Re: auto directorie ?

JONL wrote:
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perldoc AutoSplit

I'm guessing that's what you're after, otherwise be more specific.

Re: auto directorie ?

Ok more specifically  if I were to look for DBI directories under my
perl root dir
(WITS2DEV)-/home/bdlpxxx/features/upgrade/BIW>$ find /usr/perl586 -name
I d get something like this:


My question is what is the piurpose of the .../auto/ dir

Re: auto directorie ?

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More specifically compared to what?

Please provide some context when you post a reply.

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perldoc AutoLoader:

    The AutoLoader module works with the AutoSplit module and the
    token to defer the loading of some subroutines until they are used
    rather than loading them all at once.


    ... When an undefined subroutine in is called in a client module of
    AutoLoader, AutoLoader's AUTOLOAD subroutine attempts to locate the
    subroutine in a file with a name related to the location of the file
    from which the client module was read. As an example, if is
    located in /usr/local/lib/perl5/, AutoLoader will look for
    subroutines POSIX in /usr/local/lib/perl5/auto/POSIX/*.al,


etc etc so on and so forth.

Please consult the documentation first.

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