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there are numerous event/parallel based modules at cpan.
I have not time to study and test them. I think to grab AnyEvent and  
work with it.
What do think from your experience, is it a good choise ?

Re: async module

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So far, I've written three 'larger' (>10,000 LOC) perl programs
structured around an 'sychronous I/O multiplexing'. The first one used
IO:Poll but I abandoned the idea of ever using that again after
looking at the implementation (because it destroyed and recreated the
'interest set' data structure for every poll call). For the second, I
used a 'saner' poll module I wrote myself but I've since lost the
right to use this code. For the third, I needed a quick solution and
because of this, I wrote two small extension modules making
sigwaitinfo(2) and the Linux 'struct siginfo' available to Perl and
used (Linux-specific) queued realtime signals for I/O readiness

I wouldn't want to use any 'event module' for the same reason I
wouldn't want to use any YARFPOO or any kind of 'C string library':
This is reasonably simple stuff hobbyists in search of 'fun
programming projects' delight in solving and the reason why there are
10^5 different ways to do the same is because all are deficient in
this or that aspect: Despite they are seriously over-generalized for
the needs of any single program, the problem itself is sufficiently
ill-defined that a sensible 'one size fits all' solution simply
doesn't exist.

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