Aspell, perl and piping

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I am hoping someone can give me a few pointers on where to look for
more information on this. I am using Aspell on a linux box to suggest
corrections for mispelled words using a command such as:

aspell -a < checkthis.txt > errors.txt

at the command prompt and this is fine. What I want to do next is
receive the text from an html form and using perl pipe this out to
aspell and get the list of errors back. I could write the text to be
checked to a file and then use somthing like

system("aspell -a < checkthis.txt > errors.txt");

but I would like to avoid if possible having to write the file and
then open and read the errors.txt file. Is there a way to pipe this
information straight from perl and get the results back?

If I am missing something or if I could find this in the perldocs,
please let me know.

Bill H

Re: Aspell, perl and piping

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IPC::Run is easier to use, and harder to get wrong.


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