Artificial intelligence Speech() module being implemented in Perl

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is the stages of creation of Strong AI  
in any given programming language and  
in any desired natural human language.  

Previous AI Minds were coded in Forth  
and in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet  
Explorer: in English; in German; in English; in Russian. is the AI Perlmind  
being coded step-by-step and now at the Speech() module.  

Currently all these AI Minds treat keyboard characters  
as if they were the linguistic phonemes of acoustic  
speech. Further evolution of the free, open-source  
artificial intelligence will require a major  
transition from keyboard "pretend" speech  
into actual speech recognition and speech production.  
Since Perl supports Unicode for virtually all  
character sets in natural human language, the Perl  
AI Steps are open to creating polyglot AI Minds.

The emerging Perlmind is a third-generation AI  
in which the Speech() output module is no longer
the sole avenue of quasi-phonemic output.  
Since the AI Minds in German and in Russian  
require inflection of verbal output on the fly,

is a new mind-module in the cognitive architecture  
and is for the diversion of phonemic output away  
from the legacy Speech() module, which however  
continues to output uininflected words such as  
conjunctions and prepositions.  

Stay tuned for further details as we implement  
the superintelligent Strong AI Singularity  
in Perl.


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