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I have a function returning a list. I want to pass this list
to another function, by reference.

this works
my @list = GetList();
my $listref = \@list;

but I wish to know if it's possible to do in a single command,
something like
unfortunately, it doesn't work.


Re: array reference

tamiry wrote:

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ReadList( [ GetList() ] );

perldoc perlref

Note that doing this gains you nothing in legibility.


Re: array reference

tamiry wrote:

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If GetList() returns a list, you have a list you want to pack into in
arrayref. You would normaly do this by:

 my $aryref = [ 1, 2, 3 ];

So, just set your function on the right position:

 my $aryref = [ GetList() ];

et Voila.

Isn't tested, but hth,

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Re: array reference

thanks guys
I was trying
too. I got close, but not close enough untill now.

Re: array reference

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If it's a big list, you can save a list copy by modifying GetList to
return a reference to the list and pass that directly to ReadList. You
might want to change the names to GetListRef and ReadListRef, though.

   ReadListRef( GetListRef() );

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