Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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Is there anyone besides me who has yet moved over to the idea that yes perhaps, T really is  
trolling this group and doing a damn good job of it?  Has the "machine code" argument not  
made even one person suspicious?

How about the fact that he calls himself "T"?  (Hint, troll starts with T)

His email is T@invalid.invalid - in 8000 emails where we've been trying to help him, he has  
not once told us his name.

My theory is that he is in fact the Mentifex troll who tried to troll this group a few months  
ago with a more primitive style of trolling.  It lasted a little while but it got recognized  
and called out in a reasonable amount of time.  So he was ignored and went away.  The  
Mentifex troll signed his posts:

Arthur T. Murray ("Mentifex")

There is that "T" again.  Maybe another coincidence.  My theory is that Arthur "T" Murray  
waited a while and developed a more sophisticated style/persona to rope people in.  He's  
trying to be obtuse enough to drive you totally crazy while being thankful enough to keep you  
helping him.  I've gone from suspicious to pretty sure he's trolling us.  I've been around  
usenet for 25 years now and have seen some good ones and T has a lot of familiar  

Of course, I could be wrong but is anyone else even starting to get suspicious??

John Black

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

El 12/08/15 a las 17:35, John Black escribió:
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Yes, I suspect too. The order of his questions does not have sense.
Why want to write a module someone whom doesn't knows what is '='?

The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/12/2015 08:59 AM, gamo wrote:
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Hi Gamo,


I do have my first module going.  I lived and died by
modules in other languages I used, so it was a real
big deal to jump back into the fray.

The module is targets are the eventual replacement of
a huge Bash script that goes out and downloads
new revisions of software I use at customer sites.

The module, which will grow in subs until I can completely
replace the Bash script, currently has a "revision" utility
in it.  I know that others have written such, but I needed
to learn and I also wanted control over the module.
You may have noticed my rather interesting way of
handling beta and alpha revision.

I just noticed this:
     $ perl -e 'return 7'; echo $?
     Can't return outside a subroutine at -e line 1.
     2  (2 means wrong parameter)

Bugger.  I will have to use Print to get things back into
Bash.  Oh well, shouldn't be too hard to undo when things
go all Perl.

Think of me as your favorite "pinball".

T := Todd

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On Wednesday, 12 August 2015 21:05:40 UTC+5:30, John Black  wrote:

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I am convinced about it now. The manner in which T darts from topic
to topic is indicative of the fact that he isn't in it for any serious intent,
just time pass. Say in this discussion of "machine code" if I were to inject
some different topic, then T would scamper to it & start a new thread of that!

My suspicions grew when T started the "Hash print mystery" thread, when sometime
back I had given T a lowdown on the differences between hashes/arrays during
the time when T was focused on the array<=>hash distinction. It means he didn't  
read at all what was explained. => T's a troll

Also, T's obtuseness towards any fact is also a give away that T is a Troll or
a Time pass; surely one helluva tenacious T.

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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You've sent 8000 emails to an address where the domain is
"invalid.invalid"?  And you expected a reply?

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/12/2015 08:35 AM, John Black wrote:
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Hi John,

    T stands for Todd.  Or "T := Todd".  I have stated that a
few times, maybe you missed it.

   For the life of me, I can not understand why all the
fuss over machine code.  There is a lot of talking
at cross purposes.

    Think of me as your favorite "pinball".  I learn different
than others.  And I sincerely appreciate all the help member
of this group have given me.  I am also getting up to
speed at what I need Perl for, so my questions should be
tapering off a bit soon.  I do look forward to the day when
I will be able to repay the help others have given me by
answering others questions.  I did answer one, but it was
a little one.  Baby steps.


Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2


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I don't think T is Mentifex. Mentifex has been around Usenet for a
long time, and always to promote his own ideas about AI. He usually
moves on to another newgroup when he doesn't get favorable responses.
I don't think he's a troll is the usual sense, just someone pushing
ideas he believes but most people don't agree with.

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Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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Oh, no -- he's back.

Torvalds' goal for Linux is very simple: World Domination
Stallman's goal for GNU is even simpler: Freedom

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/13/2015 01:17 AM, Eric Pozharski wrote:
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Hi Eric,

I use about 25 newsgroups.  I have been using linux.misc for at
least 10 years, if not more.

You can also find me here:

There are a few others, but I can't find them at the moment.
(Occasionally, I get eMails from others needing help and/or
clarification, which I 100% always answer.)  When I figure
something out, I share with others.

And if you haven't noticed, I always feedback to others who
have helped me and show what I have come up with.

In the distant future, I look forward to sharing with others
on this group too.  But first, I am in the learning mode.
And, I learn differently than others (jump in and get
bounced around like a pinball).  Don't let it annoy you.


“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does
not ask remains a fool forever.”
― Mark Twain

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 9:58:14 AM UTC-7, T wrote:
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The problem is that, learning predilections aside, it behooves you to
make an effort to read the docs for answers and not fire off questions
in a stream of consciousness fashion without making greater DIY efforts.

Certainly it's easier to treat a newsgroup as a "help-desk" but it clogs
the newsgroup. Someone characterized it aptly as "wanting to cut in line"
or deciding "everyone else can wade through docs, I'm a busy person" or
I'm lazy, dyslexic, have special needs, etc. "Please try to understand."

Patience wears thin.

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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Hey Todd, I'm not sure you care, but I no longer think you are trolling.  Sorry for my  
suspicions.  This group has helped a lot of people, myself included but I think what is  
frustrating people is the answers to most of your questions are easily found with a quick  
search.  Google can really shortcut having to search yourself through docs.

Yes, everyone learns different ways and tutorials aren't for everyone.  I personally rarely  
have looked at perldoc myself.  I got a couple of good Perl books to get started and  
thereafter have used google extensively.  If you put 'perl' and then some good keywords about  
your question (or even the whole question) into google's searchbar, 9 times out of 10 at  
least, you will find your answer very quickly.  Be sure to put the word perl first or you  
will get your question answered for random languages.

John Black

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/13/2015 02:08 PM, John Black wrote:
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Hi John,

Glad we are friends again.

I learned really quickly that the first word in a search
must start with "perl" or "oh boy".  Sometimes is helps
to start with "Larry Wall".  :-)

When I code, I like to have Firefox open for searches, my
file manager open to my perl notes, one or two xterm's
open to run test one lines, an xterm open to run perldoc,
an xterm to test my code, and leafpad (a text editor) or
an xterm with vi in it to write my code.  My screen fills

A lot of my problems will vanish with experience.  And
when I can finally stop thinking in other languages.


Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/13/2015 01:21 PM, C.DeRykus wrote:
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I hit the doc and the web before I ask questions.  A lot of
the time, I don't know what to search for.  I search about
20 times more than I ask.  That will get better with time.

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Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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Yeah, been there, seen that.  This is your problem.  You're willing to
learn.  But you are reluctant to change mindset.


Torvalds' goal for Linux is very simple: World Domination
Stallman's goal for GNU is even simpler: Freedom

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

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Unfortunately I have to agree that there is quite some thruth in your
suspicion and increasingly I start to share it.

His questions are way to hither and tither to make any sense. Who in
$deities name would jump from pointers to arrays, from hashes to memory
addresses, from assignments to references, always without really
finishing even the basics of each individual topic before jumping on 4
new topics.
And even more suspicious: quoting random articles which contain a few
buzz words of the day, but which he could not possibly understand or
evaluate given his lack of knownledge and/or practical experience.

Personally I am done. I was going to write a longer reply on the topic
of interpreter versus compiler, but he doesn't even know the basics for
a meaningful discussion. And he does have a gift to twist your own words
around so you can't help but reply.

So, for me it's read-only modus from now on.


Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/12/2015 08:57 PM, J�rgen Exner wrote:
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Hi Jue,

I am sorry you feel that way and I do see it from your point
of view.  Please know that I sincerely appreciate all the help
you have given me so far.  And do hope that in the future we will become
friends again.  Maybe in the far distant future I will be able to
help you with a question.

-T (Todd)

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 12/08/15 16:35, John Black wrote:
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No, IMO T is not a troll, and specifically he is not that absurd,  
pompous Mentifex person; the "signature" seems to me to be quite different.

But I think he's been cut quite enough slack in respect of his questions  
which are answered well by the docs, and would be easily solved by a web  
search (which in some cases would turn up the docs); he might even be  
able to read bootleg O'Reilly docs in that way, since they're  
unfortunately still available on one or two East European or Russian sites.

So I'm tired of him and tired of both trying to help him myself and  
watching other people helping him.  Yes, there's lots of gratitude  
there, but if you conned someone into doing some heavy lifting for you,  
because you couldn't be bothered to do it yourself, and you were better  
at ingratiating yourself with people than you were at lifting stuff,  
wouldn't you be very grateful?

So, Todd, since I expect you're reading this: you may be able to  
continue to get help with your absurd and unprofessional pinball method  
of learning in this group, but it won't be from me.


Henry Law            Manchester, England

Re: Are we being "T"rolled? Take 2

On 08/15/2015 10:22 AM, Henry Law wrote:
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Hi Henry,

Folks learn differently.  Things should calm down quickly as
I get up to speed.

I have tried the other conventional method twice. I could not
stay awake.

In the future, I do look forward to helping others on this group
to pay back the generosity others have shown me.  If you don't
think that will ever happen, take a look over here:

That took me weeks to figure out.

As far as answering my questions, just answer the ones you want
to.  Ignore the rest.

Look at it this way.  Some people think inside the box.  Some
people think outside the box.  I have no box.

Your pinball friend,
-Mr. T

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