Apache 2.0 worker MPM, mod_perl 2 & MySQL

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I am trying to port my website wich uses a plain-text-files database to
use MySQL, the problem is, it runs in a multithreaded environment, so I
need thread-safe modules to connect to the MySQL server.
According to the DBI ( + DBD::mysql) documentation, it is highly
unrecommended to use those modules in a multithreaded environment, I
found the pure perl module Net::MySQL, but I don't really know wether
Net::MySQL is really thread-safe, since it uses IO::Socket.

So, my question is pretty straight-forward: Are Net::MySQL and
IO::Socket thread-safe, or are there other thread-safe
Has anyone got some experience with thread-safety of CPAN modules, or
is there information about the thread-safety of CPAN modules somewhere?

thnx in advance,

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