Anyone using IPC::Cmd on Windows?

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I'm using ActiveState Perl 5.10.0 for Windows, and wanted to use
IPC::Cmd for running external programs. To my surprise, I found


returning false, meaning that I can't use it to capture the output of
the programs. Also, I found


returning false, but


returning true. Does anybody know about a Perl implementation for
Windows where these features are implemented? Can the
ActiveState implementation of IPC::Cmd be used for anything
useful at all under these circumstances?


Re: Anyone using IPC::Cmd on Windows?

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You need to install IPC::Run. You can only capture buffers under Win32
if you can use IPC::Run (and if you're not on Win98), and you can only
use IPC::Run if it's installed. Probably IPC::Cmd ought to depend on
IPC::Run if it's being installed under Win32, since it isn't useful
without it.

(As a hint, all of the above is very clear from the source of the
module. If a module's not doing what you expect, it's always worth at
least glancing at the source, to see if there's some obvious reason.)


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