anyone getting rid of perlable-laptop? slow=OK. (for YAPC-trip)

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Myself, I use a sun workstation (blade-100), and have
no laptop (haven't needed one).

I'm going to this year's YAPC (yet another perl conf)
up in Toronto, and I'd really like to be able to
try perl stuff while there -- where there'll be hundreds
of perl mostly-experts (not me!) around to get feedback

(Work at home, alone, with no perl expert or even user
around to talk to here.)

So, I'd like to get a laptop for this trip -- and
for eg vacations.

Question: anyone upgrading to a newer laptop, and
wants to get rid of what he/she's got now?

(price *is* an issue, as I don't *really* need
a laptop for my business -- just for going to eg
YAPC, going into NYC to a perl-event, etc.)


David Combs

(am in New Rochelle, NY -- 30 min train ride north of Manhattan.)

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