ANNOUNCE: NHI1-0.8, PLMK-1.6 und libmsgque-4.6

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ANNOUNCE:    Major Feature Release

  libmsgque: Application-Server-Toolkit for
             C, C++, JAVA, C#, TCL, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY, VB.NET
  PLMK:      Programming-Language-Microkernel
  NHI1:      Non-Human-Intelligence #1


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This release adds the ability to:

* Ruby language support (LNG)
* L)anguage A)bstraction L)ayer (LaL)
* G)arbage C)ollection (GC) Object-Mark

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language like Python.
The new 'libmsgque' function (MqMark) was added to the GC support and
marks all objects that are referenced within 'libmsgque'. The programmer
now has the opportunity to replace internal functions such as:
SysCalloc, SysMalloc, SysRealloc, SysFree, SysSelect, SysFork,
SysServerSpawn, SysServerThread, SysServerFork, SysWait, SysUSleep,
SysSleep, SysDaemonize, SYSEXIT, SysAbort to adapt to the environment (Lal).

The connection of Ruby on libmsgque had light and shadow.
The light was clearly a complete API that allows very fast classes and
functions to be defined in C. The result was convincing in the
performance test, and let Python, Perl and Tcl behind.
The shadow was first of all the non-existent documentation. The initial
enthusiasm for the thread link was to quickly and ultimately turned out
to be unusable (no matter how many processors / cores are available in
Ruby is only one thread is active and the others are blocked ->
ridiculous). Last I made the memory management (garbage collection) to
create. I have no problem with "Mark" and "sweep" but without
IncrRefCout and DecrRefCount is a torture and forced me to adapt my
garbage collector.

Finally, a note in their own right:
will from now on, during the development of a work package, only source
code and binaries for x86_64 - created Linux. The reason lies in the
necessary acceleration of the development. The packages for other
operating systems like Windows or BSD / MacOSX only be made at the end
of a Work-Package. Ports and specific adjustments can be booked as a
consulting service.


  Andreas Otto (aotto1968)
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