[ANN]: Last Chance 2005 IORCC Entries

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wed Mar 30 11:58:39 CST 2005
LOCATION:              http://iorcc.dyndns.org/2005/press/033005.html
ANNOUNCEMENT:          2005 IORCC Deadline Approaches
                       Entry Deadline March 31st, 2005
                       Less than 36 Hours Left, Great Prizes and Fun!

Dear Rubyists, Perlists, Shellists, Cists and Hackers,

Well, it has boiled down to this, a great finish for the International
Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest, 2005 Edition.  There is still 30 hours
left to get your obscure and wacky Ruby code entered.  Surf on over to
the Official IORCC rules and website:


With over $2000 USD in prizes from notable industry leaders like Stone
Design, OmniGroup, Luscious Monster, OpenBase, Bare Bones Software,
O'Reilly Press, Syngress, Purgatory Design, Running With Scissors,
BasaSoft, Ecto, Puzzles Forever, Pragmatic Programmer, Bartas Tech,
Macro Mates, Ambrosia Software, Sol Robots, Code Tek, dbSuite and more!
 You just won't believe the list of prizes these generous people have
committed to giving away!  Dust off your Ruby compiler, take your Perl,
Shell, Python and Tcl skills to the test, making a really obscure and
obfuscated entry for this years contest.

Entry window closes at 23:59:59 Universal Time March 31st, 2005.
Official Sponsors, Rules and Entry Guidelines are available online at
the IORCC Website.  Enter Today!  We'd like to also say thanks to the
following people and companies in chronological order of sponsorship:

- Dave Thomas, Signed copies of PickAxe and Ruby on Rails books!
- Syngress Press, Ruby the Developers Guide (700+ pages of real world
- Purgatory Design's Intaglio, graphics application for charting
obscure entries.
- O'Reilly and Associates, The Ruby Nutshell book, need we say more?
- Andrew Stone's, Stone Design Suite, Create, Graphics, WebApps,
Applets and more!
- Puzzles Forever, the folks that invented Solitaire Forever.
- OpenBase SQL, OpenStep and now OSX Database solutions for Linux,
Windows and MacOSX.
- Postal2: Share the Pain from the sick puppies at Running With
Scissors/Infamous Gary Coleman.
- Sol Robot's CrosswordForge, word finder and crossword puzzle
generator.  Fun for all.
- Bartas Technologies' CopyWrite, got a book or documents to publish?
Use CopyWrite.
- MacroMates' TextMate.  Lightweight and POWERFUL code project
management tool, really slick!
- CodeTek's Virtual Desktop.  The definitive way to expand and maximize
your desktop workspace.
- OmniGroup's OmniGraffle and OmniOutline, the way to go in
professional presentations.
- InterServices New Media's, dbSuite WebBuilder and SQL4X Manager J for
- Ecto for OS X, the power of the blog!
- BasaSoft's, BasaOne, the Integrated Web Application Development
- Bare Bones Software, with Mail Smith and BBEdit, the Professional
HTML editing for OS X.
- Pipe, simple, elegant, powerful.  The utility editor for OS X.
- Ambrosia Software, with SnapzProX 2 and WireTap Pro.  Make moves from
the desktop!
- Delicious Monster, with of course Delicious Library.  Catalog your
videos, music and more!

A big thank you to all the contestants, sponsors and support from the
Ruby community.  We have had a great time putting this together, and
now we can (almost) begin the judging process.  Winners will be
announced after noon April 1st, 2005.  A public voting forum for the
2005 IORCC People's Choice Award will be opened with voting continuing
thru the 15th of April, 2005.  Winners will be announced shortly after
the web voting is closed and counted.

Best of luck to you all!

Todd Nathan
IORCC Founder/Judge
irc://irc.freenode.net/iorcc (SeaForth)
http://iorcc.dyndns.org /
"What you talkin about Willis?" - GC

2005 IORCC Sponsor Home Page Links:

http://www.pragprog.com /
http://www.syngress.com /
http://www.purgatorydesign.com /
http://www.oreilly.com /
http://www.stone.com /
http://www.solitaireforever.com /
http://www.openbase.com /
http://www.gopostal.com /
http://www.solrobots.com /
http://www.bartastechnologies.com /
http://www.macromates.com /
http://www.codetek.com /
http://www.omnigroup.com /
http://www.dbsuite.de /
http://ecto.kung-foo.tv /
http://www.basasoft.com /
http://www.kcore.de /
http://www.ambrosiasw.com/news /
http://www.delicious-monster.com /

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