advice for a gui for my perl scripts.

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I need some advice. I'm a enthuasitic entry level Perl guy and I want
to start incorporating my Perl scripts in a gui. I want learn a gui
language that is popular and easy to use. I've been reading about TK
and Visual Studio .Net. I will be primarily using ActiveState's Perl
for Windows. Can somebody recommend a gui language that is easy to
learn and popular? Thanks an advance.


Re: advice for a gui for my perl scripts.

On 2005-04-29, usaims scribbled these
curious markings:
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If I understand you correctly, you want to create software which both
uses Perl and which has a bitmapped user interface (e.g. X11, that which
you see on a Windows / Mac desktop). You can do this with Perl, using a
variety of toolkits. I'd personally recommend Gtk2
( ) because of its portability. You can use it
on Unix systems (including all of the popular ones) and Windows. Others
will recommend other toolkits, I'm sure. The best way to find what works
best for you is to try them.

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
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