64 bit version of Win32::API pm ?

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  I would like to know your comments about this issue that i am
I have downloaded the 64 bit perl from active state and i am trying to
run my perl script on this 64 bit perl engine (in Windows x64).
The perl script refers to Win32::API module.

I tried to copy the 32 bit Win32::API.pm into the c:\Perl64\lib\Win32
But when i try to run the script (perl -c myscript.pl), it throws an
error saying : "Unable to load the perl module".

I would assume this is because the perl module was taken from a 32 bit

Is there any 64 bit version of Win32::API.pm available? Does it even
make sense to ask if Win32(!!).API would have a 64 bit version..

Appreciate your comments/suggestions..


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