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I have been side tracked for a number of years.  My employer required the use of PHP (probably a good language for many, but I thought it was god awful).
Coming back I see that Active has a 5.20 release.  Where can I find a schedule of enhancements (readable) that gives the tweeks from 5.8 (which I have used forever it seems) to 5.20?  And, do I really need to know?

(Most of my programming is on a Linux box with Apache.  I assume Red Hat still ports 5.8 - but maybe not.)

Thank you.

Re: 5.8 - 5.20 What's new?

catebekensail@yahoo.com writes:
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Strictly "need to know" probably not much. Perl sort-of supports a
switch-statement meanwhile but with very unclean/ unclear
semantics. I've nevertheless found it useful for comparing something
with a number of different constant values. The other major change I'm
aware of I consider somewhat useful would be that 5.18 introduced
lexically scoped subroutines, ie instead of

my $subsub = sub { "subsub" };

it's now possible to write

my subsub { "subsub" };

That's occasionally useful for complex subroutines but bound to confuse
the heck out of people who aren't familiar with the concept ("What's
that?!? Some weird kind of goto, surely!?!").

Re: 5.8 - 5.20 What's new?

On 8/15/2015 13:28, catebekensail@yahoo.com wrote:
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Check your pods (to bad you have to read them all from 5.8 - 5.20 instead
of just one):

         perl5200delta       Perl changes in version 5.20.0
         perl5182delta       Perl changes in version 5.18.2
         perl5181delta       Perl changes in version 5.18.1
         perl5180delta       Perl changes in version 5.18.0
         perl5161delta       Perl changes in version 5.16.1
         perl5162delta       Perl changes in version 5.16.2
         perl5163delta       Perl changes in version 5.16.3
         perl5160delta       Perl changes in version 5.16.0
         perl5144delta       Perl changes in version 5.14.4
         perl5143delta       Perl changes in version 5.14.3
         perl5142delta       Perl changes in version 5.14.2
         perl5141delta       Perl changes in version 5.14.1
         perl5140delta       Perl changes in version 5.14.0
         perl5125delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.5
         perl5124delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.4
         perl5123delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.3
         perl5122delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.2
         perl5121delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.1
         perl5120delta       Perl changes in version 5.12.0
         perl5101delta       Perl changes in version 5.10.1
         perl5100delta       Perl changes in version 5.10.0
         perl589delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.9
         perl588delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.8
         perl587delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.7
         perl586delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.6
         perl585delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.5
         perl584delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.4
         perl583delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.3
         perl582delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.2
         perl581delta        Perl changes in version 5.8.1
         perl58delta         Perl changes in version 5.8.0

I find it easier to read in vim after combining the man pages using the
script I posted under "Re: how do I print hex inside stings?" on 07/14 at
04:09 PT.

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