2.6.29 broke the bridge!

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Today I upgraded my 2.6.28(.2) kernel tot 2.6.29. I use KVM to run
several guests. All of them are connected via a tap interface to a bridge.

To set everything up I've created some simple bash scripts, no change
has been made in them during the update.

After booting 2.6.29 networking to the guests stopped partialy. Packets
generated by the guests got lost somewhere. Tcpdumping on the bridge
they were seen, but on the received external hosts the packets were
nowhere to be seen.

Reverting back to the old kernel, everything worked fine as usual.

Because the only thing done was booting a new kernel, I suspect the
cause must be in here somewhere. For compiling the 2.6.29 I used 'zcat
/proc/config.gz' > .config in the source directory and ran 'make
menuconfig' once, without making changes.

What has changed in 2.6.29 causing the bridges to fail?



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Re: 2.6.29 broke the bridge!

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