XP, Perl, Win32::ODBC, Microsoft Access 2002 SP3, & Chinese characters

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Appreciate any help, relative perl/odbc novice here

Server setup is as follows;

Windows XP Home

Abyss Web Server X1 (v 2.4)
Copyright Aprelium Technologies - 2001-2007

Activestate Perl 5.8.8

Microsoft Access 2002 SP3

trying to retrieve data from Microsoft Access database for display in
web browser using Perl Win32::ODBC and SELECT query.  Records are
mixed English and Chinese field values (name in (translatted) english,
name in chinese).  Data retrieved but Chinese characters are not
displaying properly, despite the use of a META tag with charset set to
a variety of different encodings ala;

use Unicode::String qw(utf8);
print "<meta http-equiv=3D\"content-type\" content=3D\"text/html;

I have searched for tutorials on web but no luck so far.  Appreciate
tips.  If cannot accomplish with ODBC would be grateful for
suggestions for new approach.



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