XML::Simple does not pick up multiple entries into array

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I'm parsing data and one of there are multiple EMBEDDED_FILE tags.
I've set it to put these into an array as well as a hash.  However,
only one entry appears

$ref = XMLin($xml_src,
             ForceArray => [ 'EMBEDDED_FILE' ],
             SuppressEmpty => '');

This is the result.  I can view the source and there are multiple
<EMBEDDED_FILE _type='PDF' EncodingType='Base64'>

This is the result:

            'EMBEDDED_FILE' => [
                'DOCUMENT' => '',
                '_Type' => 'HTML'

When there is a single entry usually PDF, I can decode it properly.
Is there an option to force it to correctly interpret the two entries?


Re: XML::Simple does not pick up multiple entries into array

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I am no XML expert, but well-formed XML documents should have a single,
all-enclosing tag at the beginning and end, and yours doesn't. You can
try adding them:
  $xml_src = "<top>$xml_src</top>";

If you can't do that, you can try other XML parsers that might work
differently from XML::Simple, but you really should be giving
well-formed input to any XML Parser.

Jim Gibson

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