[XML::Simple-2.12] problems parsing non ASCII strings

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module: XML::Simple-2.12 (also tried 2.14)
perl version: 5.00503


I need to parse and write a XML configuration file wich contains
non-ASCII caraters (like 'é', in french).
I've choosen, XML::Simple with XML::Parser for these tasks, but everything
works fine if and only if I do not include any special carater in the
file, otherwise the HASH returned by XMLin() is totaly messed up.
Below is the comparison of the configuration file 'website.xml'

Thank you for any help you can provide.


# website.xml

    <label>Informations générales</label>
    <label>Directeur de collection</label>
  <sitename>Full name</sitename>

# Data::Dump of the returned HASH ref

  contact => {
        email => "person\@foo.ext",
        label => "Informations g\n  \n  \n    person\@foo.ext\n    Directeur de
collection\n  \n  \n    person\@foo.ext\n    Webmestre\n  \n  Full name\n",

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