XML::Generator::DBI and NULL values in columns, oh my!

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XML::Generator::DBI won't send any XML concerning a column that has a
null value. This is in the docs (I think) as:

"Nulls are handled by excluding either the attribute or the tag."

Problem is, my web service clients behave Badly(tm) when they do not
get all the tags (empty or otherwise) that they expect. All works well,
except for the lack of tags. Mind you, even when the columns are
explicitly requested in the SQL, the XML is never there.

Relevant code:

my $ya = XML::Handler::YAWriter->new(AsString => "-");
my $generator = XML::Generator::DBI->new(
        Handler         => $ya,
        QueryElement    => 'getStuff',
        RowElement      => 'getStuff',
        dbh             => $dbV->dbh

my $out = $generator->execute($sql);

return SOAP::Data

Do you think that there is an option for the module that can tell it to
send XML tags (empty) if it finds a NULL, or do you think that there is
a way to tell YAWriter to look for and compensate?




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