WWW::YouTube has been technically corrected

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I've been through the Lion's den over this very good visual-invention of
mine, in the comp.lang.perl.modules news forum, but like Daniel did a very
long time ago, I came out of the Lion's den completely unscathed, because
the roaring lions, like John Bokma, had no teeth.  I know that most of you
out there will be using WWW::YouTube to suit your own private video
purposes, solving your own problems and satisfying your own needs, but
there will be some of you out there who might also choose to help me to
protect innocent children, developing teenagers and the general public from
inappropriate adult content in the public domain, by occasionally using the
youtube/tag/tag.plx application that will always be included as an integral
part of this distribution.  Either way, for or against my central theme and
the original purpose for the development of WWW::YouTube, this central tag
application should always be analyzed as the current example of what can be
engineered and developed for the public good, fully embracing the
open-source philosophy, and fully respecting the First Amendment Rights of
adults, while simply trying to protect innocent children from too many
visual attacks from thoughtless individuals.  Opportunity knocks, because
the technological door is being opened for all of us to explore what can be
done.  The Good application has already won over the Bad application,
because an instant success cannot be turned into something that is doomed
to fail, John.

If anyone feels like John Bokma, that they need to respond, then my email
technical issues to the technical forum.

Come and get me at my email address and leave the technical forum alone!


Eric R. Meyers

Re: WWW::YouTube has been technically corrected

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I know which one I'll be doing.

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You need to follow your own advice here. Just describe your module's operation
and leave the off-topic non-technical business out of it. All your module needs
is a single paragraph:

"The WWW::YouTube module provides a Perl interface to youtube.com's
 flagging API."

This is *NOT* the appropriate forum in which to discuss which particular flags
are appropriate for a given movie, the state of morality in the US, or any
particular value of $deity.


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Re: WWW::YouTube has been technically corrected

Sherm Pendley wrote:
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what he said!


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