WWW::Search::Ebay question

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Using the fscript below on Activestate Perl (Windows XP) with
WWW::Search::Ebay installed, I get no results when it comes to printing
the items.  It prints the $oSearch and $sQuery values along the way,
but does not generate anything from within the while loop.  Any advice
would be appreciated.



<script below>

#!/bin/env perl

use WWW::Search;
my $oSearch = new WWW::Search('Ebay');
print "oSearch: ",$oSearch,"\n";
my $sQuery = WWW::Search::escape_query("dog");
print "sQuery: ",$sQuery,"\n";
print "oSearch: ",$oSearch,"\n";
while (my $oResult = $oSearch->next_result())
    print "oResult: ",$oResult,"\n";
    print $oResult->title, "\n";
    print $oResult->url, "\n";

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