WWW::Authen::Simple table lookup

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I am trying to use the above modules for a login application. My
existing database structure uses the table 'users' to hold account
information that I would like the lookup performd on. I've therefore
created the following to reflect this:

*** START ***
  if ($url eq undef)

  my $simple = WWW::Authen::Simple->new(
        db              => $dbconn,
        cookie_domain   => $defDomain,
        conf            => {
                session_table   => {
                        _table  => 'sessions',
                        login   => 'username',
                        address => 'address',
                        ticket  => 'ticket',
                        point   => 'point',
                user_table      => {
                        _table => 'users',
                        login => 'email',
                        passwd => 'clear',
  $simple->logout() if $url eq "logout";
  $simple->login( $url, $url );
  unless ($simple->logged_in())
    print redirect('/cgi-bin/mta.pl');
*** END ***

My problem now is that according to my Apache error logs the module
seems to still be looking for a table named 'Users'.

Am I missing something here??



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