wu-ftpd & site exec & tar

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E:  wu-ftpd & site exec & tar is archiving only  996 files
(170mb)instead of 3000.


When using "quote site exec" only a tar ball with 996 files is created
instead of 3000 files.

When I run the command from the prompt I get a tar ball with all 3000,
no problem.

So I have an issue with runing "quote site exec tar cf  file.tar  
*.tif".  Is there a problem with number of files we can put into a tar
file when using "quote site exec"??

Just a small history here, we are using quote site exec with wu-ftpd
for two years (recompiled and set properly and used to tar/gzip/unzip,
etc. all within ../bin/ftp-exec directory).  All commands always work.

The new directory has huge number of  tif files (3,000) and when the
user runs "quote site exec tar -cf file.tar    *.tif"  only a tar file
with 996 files inside is created.  Always the same number of files are
added to the tar file -> 996.

There is not a quota limit for the user ..
If I ftp and run the script which has a list of all 3000 tif files and
I issue 3000 command "quote site exec tar -rf  file .tar file  
  I got all 3000 files in the file.tar file.. (under the same dir,
under the same userID)!!

The ftpaccess has no limit for site-exec-max-lines 0 (but this is for
output truncation ..) and keepalive is turned to yes (this is for TCP
- I know).

Any help or hint?  Any thoughts?


Magda Hewryk

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