Windows services in PERL

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I am trying to create a win32 service using the module win32:deamon. I
wrote a simple code and tried to get that running before I went to the
actual one. I am actually able to successfully create the service and
see the same in the Management Console, but when I try to right click
and say Start  I get "error :1053 the service did not respond or start
to the control request in a timely fashion"

Can any one please, let me know what might be wrong in this scenario?

Here is my sample code which I was trying to get installed!

    use Win32::Daemon;
    while( SERVICE_START_PENDING != Win32::Daemon::State() )
        sleep( 1 );
    Win32::Daemon::State( SERVICE_RUNNING );
    unlink( glob( "c:\temp\*.tmp" ) );


Re: Windows services in PERL wrote:
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It has been a while, but ...

The first suggestion I have is to check the success of
Win32::Daemon::StartService (), with something like

Win32::Daemon::StartService () or do {
     my $err = "Failed to start service\n" .
    Win32::FormatMessage (
        Win32::Daemon::GetLastError ());
#   Log the error somewhere, then
     die $err;

The second is that you probably want to handle the SERVICE_NOT_READY
state by going to state SERVICE_START_PENDING. In fact, the more I think
about it, the more I think this may be your problem. Maybe your event
loop should be something like

while (1)
     my $state = Win32::Daemon::State ();
     if ($state == SERVICE_NOT_READY)
    Win32::Daemon::State (SERVICE_START_PENDING);
     } elsif ($state == SERVICE_START_PENDING)
     sleep (1);    # or Win32::Sleep (1000);

Less likely, but possible:

* You might need to set the state to SERVICE_RUNNING in response to the

* Jenda's code (see below) sets the state to SERVICE_RUNNING in response
to state 0x0080. You might want to try the same, in addition to the others.

* You _might_ also need to respond to the OS messages you get from
calling Win32::Daemon::QueryLastMessage -- at least to
SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE (respond with the state you believe the
service to be in) in your event loop. If your event loop ran
indefinitely you might want to respond to SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN
(system shutdown) by setting your service to SERVICE_STOP_PENDING and
cleaning up.

Better than all this, though, is a trick I picked up from Jenda
Krynicky's Win32::Daemon::Simple (see /). I did
not use this module itself because it required replacing ActiveState's
Win32::Registry with an incompatible version from Jenda, and I didn't
want to do that because it made an otherwise-straightforward maintenance
situation complicated. Of course, the trade-off was that an otherwise
simple daemon became complicated.

The trick allows you to run your service interactively (i.e. not as a
service, but so that you actually see the output), and the essence of
the trick is the following:

# After you have successfully called Win32::Daemon::StartService:

my $save_state = SERVICE_NOT_READY;    # in case interactive.

# Wherever you query the service state, code

service_state ();

# Wherever you set the service state, code

service_state ($whatever_the_new_state_is);

# As a special case of the above, if you are responding to

service_state ($save_state);

# With your other internal subroutines:

# Return true if running from the command line, false otherwise.

     my $cmdlin = Win32::Console::_GetConsoleTitle () ? 1 : 0;
     sub CMDLINE

# Wrap Win32::Daemon::State so we can run interactively.

sub service_state {
return CMDLINE () ? $save_state : Win32::Daemon::State ()
     unless @_;
push @_, 25000    # Milliseconds
     if $_[0] == SERVICE_STOP_PENDING && @_ == 1;
Win32::Daemon::State (@_) unless CMDLINE ();
$save_state = shift;
return $save_state;

One last thought: You might think about logging to a file, so you can
tell what your service is doing.

Tom Wyant

Re: Windows services in PERL

Hi Tom,

Thanks a ton for the eloborate suggestions! Will try them and let you
know my outcome...


harryfmudd [AT] comcast [DOT] net wrote:
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Re: Windows services in PERL

that didnt work either!
so i downloaded an utility called "srvany.exe" which apparently seems
to have fixed the problem! am not sure though why it couldnt start in
the normal manner...


harryfmudd [AT] comcast [DOT] net wrote:
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