Win32::SqlServer 2.003 releaed

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I've released version 2.003 of Win32::SqlServer. Source distribution
available on CPAN, binary distribution for ActivePerl is found my web site: .

This is what's new:

    *  Win32::SqlServer now runs on AMD64. In lieu of hardware to test on,
    IA64 is still unsupported. Note that the  bigint data type is handled
    differently on 64-bit.

    * Added a mid-level routine getcoluminfo() that returns information
    about the columns in the result set(s).

    * Added a new parameter to sql() and sql_sp(), $colinfostyle, that
    permits you to specify that you want information about the columns in
    the result set included in the return structure. You can opt get only
    names, only position, or get a hash with detail information.

    * Added a new result style, MULTISET_RC, that is very similar to
    MULTISET, but which has row counts instead of  empty arrays for
    INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

    * Re-implemented the conversion initiated by sql_set_conversion() to
    use the Windows API, rather than relying on certain files being
    available in System32. This makes about any code-page conversion
    accessible from Win32::SqlServer. There is a new routine,
    codepage_convert(), to convert a single value.

    * sql_init() now has a fifth parameter, $provider.

    * Fixed bug that caused a crash on Vista when an sql_variant value had
    certain base types.

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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