Win32::SqlServer 2.001

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Two weeks ago I announced MSSQL::OlleDB 2.000. That name was not popular
with the people on the Perl module list (since the module is Windows-only),
so I've renamed the module to  Win32::SqlServer and changed the version
number 2.001. I should add that this name much better describes the purpose
of the module. Here follows text from the original announcement, adapted to
the new name:

Despite the version number, this is actually a new module, but I versioned
it 2.001 as it it a successor to my older module MSSQL::Sqllib.
Win32::SqlServer is aimed to be the prime choice when you need to connect
to Microsoft SQL Server from Windows, and you do not have any requirement
to be portable to any other DB engine or platform. Win32::SqlServer uses the
OLE DB API to connect to SQL Server. With Win32::SqlServer you have access
to about all  features in SQL Server 2005.
The module is on its way into CPAN. You can also download it from .

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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