Win32::OLE, InternetExplorer, NewWindow, Events --- crashes

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I'm working on an application that automates IE and needs to handle
IE's NewWindow2 event. The IE documentation for the event gives the
following stytax:

Private Sub object_NewWindow2( _ ByRef ppDisp As Object, _ ByRef Cancel
As Boolean)

When handling the event my perl code is entered with:

sub ie_events(){ my( $ie, $event, @args ) = @_;

In my handler I create a new IE object with:

my $ie = Win32::OLE->new( 'InternetExplorer.Application' );
Win32::OLE->WithEvents($ie, \&ie_events, 'DWebBrowserEvents2' );

Now my question. What is the proper way to set @args to return?

The code

$args[0]->Put( $ie ); $args[1]->Put( 0 );

Eventually leads to crashes. Given that the return should be a ppDisp
what is the proper way to return $ie?

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