Win32::OLE Excel question re: writing formulas

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I have a script that uses Win32:OLE to create an Excel workbook and write
to two worksheets. The data and formulas that are written to the worksheets
appear to be written correctly.

The problem I'm having is that even though the formulas appear to have been
written correctly into the respective cells, each cell with these formulas
has a #Name? error.

The formulas reference custom functions contained in an Add-In I created
and have automatically loaded by default.

If I double-click on each cell and hit return, the respective functions
appear to be executed and the expected result(s) returned. Also, if I
manually enter the formula into the cell, the expected result is returned.
This tells me that my user-defined functions from the Add-In are loaded and
available for use.

Any tips/hints regarding the above would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


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