Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Excel' - sort & freeze pane

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I would like to sort column A by descending order and other columns to
sort as well.

I used this code and it's doesn't work and I do have Sheet1 in my
        $CurrentSheet = $Workbook->Worksheets("Sheet1");
    $RangeA = $CurrentSheet->Range("A1");
    $RangeB = $CurrentSheet->Range("A20");
                Key1 => $RangeA,
                Order1 => xlDescending,
                Key2 => $RangeB

I also want to freeze row 2 but this doesn't work as well.

$Excel->Rows("2")->Select;  or $Excel->Rows("2:2")->Select;
$Excel->ActiveWindow-> = "True";

Any help? thanks a lot

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