what module to use when writing automation tests?

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I'm automating some tests for networks devices, and trying to use Perl
to do the job.  Basically, I need to:

1) SSH into a device
2) run some commands
3) log the results
4) goto 2

What module would people normally use for this?  Are there existing
perl frameworks for writing automation tests?


Details:  So far, I've tried Net::SSH::Perl, and Net::SSH::Expect, but
I don't feel these will do the job.  Net::SSH::Perl cannot log into
the device -- it tries to pass the -c command to the remote device,
which doesn't support -c.  Net::SSH::Expect is somewhat brain-dead --
to get it to work semi-reliably, I have to raise the timeout value to
something like 15 seconds, and yet I still sometimes see random
failures because of delays on the network.

Thanks in advance,


Re: what module to use when writing automation tests?

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There's also Net::SSH2 - I don't know if it will "cut the mustard" for
you, but it could be worth investigating. It needs the libssh2 C

There are some problems with Net::SSH2 on perl-5.10, though I see
there's a patch that has been submitted at


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